Rules & Etiquette

Local Rules

  • 1 Winter Rules apply - lie may be improved with the clubhead, no more than 12" and no closer to the hole (on fairway only).
  • 2 All water hazards - one-stroke penalty. Drop Zones on holes 1,2,3 & 6
  • 3 Ball resting on road, path, or tractor marks may be lifted and dropped no nearer hole. No penalty.
  • 4 Ball landing on the ground under repair - move the ball onto fairway. No penalty. 5. Obstructions - free drop one club length. (Benches, Sprinkler Heads, Cart Paths, etc...)
  • 5 No more than two people on power carts.


  • 1 Allow faster groups to play through (without asking).
  • 2 Pull Carts, and Power Carts must be kept at least 25ft. of Greens and Tee Boxes.
  • 3 Replace all divots. Repair all ball marks.
  • 4 No more than four (4) players per group.
  • 5 Do not play until golfers ahead are safely out of range.
  • 6 Damage or destruction of Golf Course Property will not be tolerated.
  • 7 Any person caught littering will be asked to leave the course.